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A culvert is a covered structure, which conveys a flow under a road, railroad or other obstruction as well. Culverts are actually used to divert steam or rainfall runoff to prevent soil erosion or flooring on highways. It is mainly used to enclose a flowing body of water. In other words it allows the water to pass underneath a road, railway, or embankment. Culverts installations are very important mainly in Houston and Texas, it could be made of different materials, steel, polyvinyl chloride and concrete drainage pipes are the most common.

The process of culverts installation is used to analyze the water flow. Cbsexcavation culverts checks at the entrance and exit of the flow using empirical equations. We offer all shaped culverts; rectangular, circular, ellipse-shaped and arch-type culverts, which may or may not be submerged. We also perform road over-topping checks.

Advantage of culvert installation

• It reduces the chance of roadway failure
• It increase the traveling public’s safety
• It extends life and reduces maintenance operations and costs
• It smoother joints and reduction in the number of potholes
• It preventive maintenance work realizes or increases life

No matter what size culvert needed for a project we can get whatever the job requires. Pipe sizes can range from 4", 12", 18", 24", 36" or 48" and as large as 6'-12' feet in diameter.

When we install culverts we usually cut the bottom of the ditch 6" to 8" then place the culverts. We then use select fill (sandy / clay - the same dirt used for building pads) around the culverts then place crushed concrete on top.

Culvert Installation
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