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Concrete pipe is the standard by which all drainage pipe materials are measured. Despite competitive buildup — structural truth, proven resilience, and continued "least risk" designs are the chief reasons why design engineers continue to choose concrete pipe for "sustainable design" of their drainage projects. The quality and accessibility of drainage products vary greatly from area to area. However, Cbsexcavation can deliver you quality drainage project at reasonable cost.

Concrete drainage pipe connects one length of pipe to another without leaking. Improper culvert installation or poor connections of drainage pipes and drainage basin normally lead to failure of projects. It is important to used good connection and drainage system for your pipe. Cbsexcavation specializes in giving solution for drainage problems.


Concrete drainage pipe is the most durable and as well economical of all drainage products. Suggested for installation where:

• Low, moderate and stern cover and/or live load conditions exist.
• Structural failure may jeopardize life or property. (Concrete pipe, even after ultimate failure, retains its shape and would not collapse.)


Concrete Drainage Pipe is produced for the following:

• Sanitary Sewers
• Storm Sewers
• Detention Systems
• Low Pressure Force Mains

Concrete drainage pipe serves as a conduit material for irrigation, water supply lines, sanitary sewers, culverts, and storm drains. Culverts, usually made up of arch-shaped concrete, and usually carry water under highways in non-urban areas. Storm drain systems for cities and towns are becoming more and more important as communities become larger and more densely populated. Recent major floods and the resulting damage only stress require for efficient drainage systems. Cbsexcavation especially strive hard to offer land clearing services and solve drainage problem in Texas and Houston area.

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